Can you make Money from Drop Shipping?

Now there’s  a question I hear a lot. This is another type of Affiliate Marketing. Basically you set up a store online and advertise the contents on social media. If somebody likes your designs and products, then they order directly through your website or social media page, and the product is shipped directly to them. The great thing about this is that you never hold any Inventory and everything is done for you.

There are literally hundreds of websites that advertise Drop Shipping each with their own unique way of selling. I have found that the easiest platform with the biggest profit margins is Printful. They have factories in the US and all over Europe and deliver anywhere. Check them out by clicking on the picture below.


One such website below was set up and has had Printful items on there since day one. It was built for FREE via Wealthy Affiliate and Printful was then added via woocommerce. This literally takes minutes to set up. Other platforms have been used but the majority is supplied via Printful. The DND Design website has a good following, Facebook and Twitter accounts,  which combined, ensures regular sales.

DND Design

So there we have it. A simple way to start earning money online. Great for beginners and budding entrepreneurs alike.

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