The Best Social Media Platforms For Business

Moving on from How To Use Social Media in Marketing, I would now like to concentrate on the Best Social Media Platforms For Business.

There are literally dozens of different platforms that can be used, for example have you heard of Telegram, Meet Up or Reddit? These are all media platforms that are available for you to use. I want to concentrate on the Top 5 that are used for business. Remember, there are 3.5 Billion people using social media.


The best social media platforms for business

Facebook has lost some of it’s fantastic reputation recently, however, it is still the most favoured and probably the best social media platform available. Is it good for business? You had better believe it is. Last year Facebook earned nearly $18 billion and the majority of that was from Facebook ads.

Facebook has over 1 billion users every day so it is easy to find people to target as your audience. People go to Facebook to chat with friends so you need to make sure your strategy reflects that.

You will need to open a Facebook Business Fan Page to get the ball rolling. You can even speak to an expert who can advise you in the right direction to take. This is completely free and offered to you once your business is up and running.

Interacting with clients is also beneficial and easy and many companies set up private groups to liaise with clients.

What Is Good – A huge audience, Fantastic customer interaction, really good analytics and the advantage of targeted advertising.

The Not So Good – You need a large budget for the ads, you need consistency in your approach and if the system suspends you, you have very little control.



The best social media platforms for business

Twitter is a very useful platform if you have plenty of time to use it. By consistently engaging with your audience you can quite easily stand out from your competition. You do, however, need to be updating your posts and dropping as much content as possible. By following tweeters in your field of expertise you can soon build a large following.

You can also mix up business with pleasure, by promoting discounts or special deals, across a wide spectrum of business acquaintances and friends, you will ensure a greater following. My only issue would be, you need to keep on top of it all of the time. You all need to answer direct questions from customers as soon as possible.

What Is Good – Twitter Ads have a bigger success rate than Facebook (1-3%), It’s extremely easy to interact with fellow influencers and followers, and you can target people with “#” and “@”. (more on that another day).

The Not So Good – Lots of communication needed to keep your followers interested, a lot of competition to keep on top of.



The best social media platforms for business

Instagram is another platform that needs a lot of interaction for you to succeed. Aimed at the younger generation, you can create your own shopping channel where customers can click on your link and buy directly through their Instagram account.

Prior to using this platform, you will need to make sure your intended audience is popular on Instagram. If it is youth related and popular, then there is a pretty good chance there will be opportunities for you within their 1 billion daily users.

What Is Good – Created for mobiles, more popular than Facebook with the younger generation.

The Not So Good – Another platform that needs a lot attention and hard work.



The best social media platforms for business

YouTube is the biggest social media video marketing platform in the world. Believe it or not, Facebook isn’t that far behind in second place. YouTube has around 2 billion monthly users and is incredibly popular with businesses and entertainment.

It is far more user-friendly and popular than it’s rivals, namely, Instagram, TikTok and Snapchat. It can be used to promote your business, however, the largest market is in “how-to-do” videos. These have the added benefit of adding to search results on Google.

If you have a web page and set up a YouTube business account you can add videos to your blogs and posts. Many Affiliate Marketers are now using video to attract more viewers.

What Is Good – Videos definitely produce more conversions, videos complement other marketing strategies and it’s a great way to show off your product.

The Not So Good – You need to look professional and artistic when producing a video. It’s not for the camera shy. Producing a video can take a long time and once made can prove difficult to rank.



The best social media platforms for business

I have personally had the experience of the power of LinkedIn. Several years ago I was “poached” from a company I was working for, purely on the strength of my LinkedIn profile. When I spoke to the HR department, they admitted that the whole global recruiting scheme was based on LinkedIn searches. Pretty impressive.

LinkedIn is the most professional of social media marketing sites. They have over 65 million users. It was designed specifically for professionals and is a great employees networking site. You can post jobs, search for jobs, network with fellow professionals and looking new career opportunities.

What Is Good – Awesome for business related social media and networking. It is very easy to recruit talent or advertise your talent.

The Not So Good – Not as many users as other platforms, it is purely for the business minded.



I have given you my Top 5 Social Media Platforms For Business. If you are starting up your own business, you should be looking at all of these, and planning a marketing strategy that will help you build your business.

There is no answer to “which is the best social media platform?” as this all depends on your audience, how much time you have and your product.

If you would like further information, check out this guide on “How To Use Social Media In Marketing“.

Please feel free to ask any questions or leave a comment.

All the best


6 thoughts on “The Best Social Media Platforms For Business”

  1. This is a very informational article! I find that one of my biggest pain points is social media. With the evolution of social media and the technology behind it, it can be daunting task to keep up with if its not your bread and butter. This is very insight full article that I just cannot get enough of. I like the pros and cons that give it a cut and dry approach to the article. I keep finding awesome bits of information! Thank you for sharing!!

    • Thank you very much for your kind comments Jordan. It is much appreciated. I agree with you completely when you say it can be very daunting setting yourself up on social media. I initially found it very time consuming, but once you have developed a tactic it can be done extremely quickly. For instance, from my set up on Pinterest I can share my posts in a matter of seconds to Facebook and Twitter. This saves an enormous amount of time. You just need to play around with them for a bit. I hope this has helped.

  2. Thank you for your post. It is useful for me. I started my online business for a while now and the outcome is not as satisfactory as I expect. One thing is marketing for my business. I know that social media is critical for online business, but never take time to research the platforms.

    Here comes your article, which gives a comprehensive review on social media platforms for business. I agree with you that Fackbook is the number one in terms of customer base. With 18 billion users, there is limitless potential. I will definitely do something on Facebook marketing.

    • Hi Anthony and thanks for getting in touch. You are correct in saying that Facebook is the number one platform in terms of customer base. However, is it the right platform for your business? Is your business better off being advertised on Twitter or LinkedIn ? Is it a niche market aimed at younger people? If so, Instagram is the way forward. I found with my business that I wasn’t getting very far with Facebook, but once I had set up an Pinterest, I had a lot more traffic. I hope this has helped.

  3. Since the prevalence of social media and other digital platforms, the way business is been conducted and done across the globe has drastically changed for the better and i must say that it is a good thing. However as business owners, we must know the right platforms to be present on as not all can give us the right exposure for our business.

    • Thank you for your input and of course Lucas you are absolutely right. For instance if your business is attracting the “younger generation” then you should be aiming at receiving traffic from Instagram. If it is more business like and employment associated then you would need to look at LinkedIn. 


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